Siegelwachspistole 11 mm -
Siegelwachspistole 11 mm -

Sealing wax gun 11 mm

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With this sealing wax gun, embossing seals is child's play.

The sealing wax gun is suitable for sealing wax sticks with a diameter of 11 mm.
Use the Sealing Wax Gun to create beautiful wax seals on cards, invitations or decorate packaging.
The sealing wax gun works like a hot glue gun that you know from handicrafts. The sealing wax sticks are placed in the back of the gun. Pulling the trigger feeds the rods through the pistol. Meanwhile, the sealing wax becomes liquid and can be poured onto the desired area. Stamp onto the liquid sealing wax with a sealing stamp. Wait about 30 seconds and then carefully release the stamp by gently moving it back and forth. The wax seal is complete!

Please note that it is recommended to purchase a separate gun for each wax color. If you change the color, the old one first mixes with the new one for at least 10 wax seals - which of course is also a wonderful effect.

TIP: Turn off the gun meanwhile so it doesn't melt your wax faster than you can make wax seals.
If too much wax runs out of the gun, collect it until you have enough for a wax seal and melt it with a suitable spoon (preferably a melting spoon) over a tealight. Now pour the liquid wax on the desired spot and press your sealing stamp in as usual. So not a single drop of your wax is wasted. :)

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