HOW TO: Graphics for seal stamps

Creating wax seals starts with the digital template. In order to engrave fine detail, we need graphics that meet the following guidelines:

  • Your graphic must be in a vector file format. This is simply because we may need to scale your artwork. A vector graphic allows this to be done easily without causing any loss of detail in your graphic. Our preferred file formats are .ai, .eps and .pdf. So it doesn't matter what size you create your vector file in, since we will ultimately scale it to the appropriate size without any problems.
  • Create all lines and areas in black. All black lines and areas will be engraved. So if you want to have a detail of your motif engraved all over, color it in.
  • Please keep in mind that your motif will later only be a few centimeters (depending on the size of the seal stamp) small. If you can no longer recognize your motif in this size (2 - 3 cm) on the screen, it will also later be recognizable on the seal stamp not.
  • If you want a specific placement or orientation for your graphic on the seal stamp, create a border line in red that simulates the shape of the seal stamp. As soon as the circle is red, it is automatically engraved not. However, circles in black will be engraved.
  • It is not necessary to mirror the design, but if your artwork has already been mirrored, please don't forget to let us know. We automatically mirror all graphics.

You can orient yourself with your graphic using the following example:

If you are unsure about your graphic/motif, you are welcome to send it to us in advance at any time using the contact form.

We also recommend that you ALWAYS have coats of arms checked by us beforehand, as they are usually far too detailed.

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